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Gift Season for Moms, Grads, Brides & More!


We’ve got you covered with the gift of wellness – gift cards for any occasion. Available instantly through Jane.
We can provide an attractive printed card and envelope.
Purchase Gift Cards Here
Maybe acupuncture isn’t their jam? That’s fine, we’ve got a whole menu of options.

Acupuncture – Single Session – $160

CranioSacral Therapy – $160 – Gentle, soothing touch that’s great for stress or pain.

Facial Gua Sha – $120 – An incredibly relaxing face, neck & shoulder massage using a gua sha tool. Cosmetic & therapeutic benefits at the same time!

Cupping – $100 – Ancient therapy to beat pain, especially useful for back pain.

Integrated Sessions – $250 – Use these if you want to combine any of the therapies above, or if you want to try cosmetic acupuncture (great for fine lines, wrinkles and brightening the complexion).

Human Design Consultations – $160 – Is your gift recipient into astrology, chakras, or all things woo? They are going to love this deep-dive into their personality and how to make it work for them. In person or on Zoom for faraway friends and family.


By popular demand we’re bringing packages back. They will include all session types above – Acupuncture, CranioSacral, Facial Gua Sha and even Human Design.

5 Sessions – $700 ($140 each – save $20 per visit)

10 Sessions – $1300 ($130 each – save $30 per visit)

20 Sessions – $2200 ($110 each – save $50 per visit)

Call or purchase in-person at your next visit.

Our mailing address is:
Kathryn Duffy L.Ac. 987 Main Street 2nd Floor Peekskill, NY 10556 USA

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