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Add in your local business or club listing, write articles for one of our towns, place ads and get on our directories. We make it easy for you to be seen in your community and on Google.

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Nearly 80% of consumers turn to directories with reviews to find a local business.

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Claim your business by clicking on the claim your business button and login with the account you have previously created to get started. This will begin the process of listing your business on one or more of our town or county websites.

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When you login and claim your business you can create a directory listing with your business information which includes a description, photos, social media and website links and specials. This also gives you an opportunity to post an event or job opening. The best part of listing with us is that you get to change your content at anytime by using your login. We also help your business expand your online exposure on Google.

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Promote your business on one of our town or county websites by purchasing a business listing, banner ad, writing an article, sponsoring our email weekly and/or sharing an event on our calendar. Find out more about our Social Media packages. Let us help you make your business a part of the conversion.
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We are excited about our new improved websites! Unfortunately the payment section is under maintenance at this time. If you wish to add your business listing, sponsor a website or to advertise a banner ad, contact us below.




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FAQ for Businesses

How do I get my business listed on the directory?

First, you have to Log in, and then you can choose a listing in the town/s you want to advertise in. You will click on what package you would like to be in. We offer free, full and featured directory listings. When you choose you will be able to add in your information on your own. If you need assistance click here.

Can I list my business in more than one town?

Yes, you can list your business in more than one town. We recommend that you list in your own town and in the home page which covers all of Westchester County. You can advertise in more than your own town.

How do i become a real estate or bank sponsor?

If you are interested in being the only realtor or realty company to sponsor a town website please contact us to find out more about what it entails If you are a bank and would like to sponsor a town please contact us.

Can I advertise a banner ad?

Yes, you can create your own ad by the specs given when you sign up and purchase your space. Then you simply send it to us here. If you need us to create it for you please reach out and will work with for a nominal fee.

What is the difference between a listing and a banner ad? Can I do both?

Listings are basically directories on our websites that offer enhanced options. It is like having mini websites on our sites, “satellite stores.” You are able to add photos, description, contact information, social links, web links, coupons and more. Your customers can even review you. With your own login you can change your information as much as you want. Your exposure on Google increases under us. *Note: Free listings only allow basic information without links. A Banner Ad is just the advertisement you create and it can either link to your listing or to your website. You can purchase both.