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Suburban Guides town websites are managed locally, and the community is encouraged to support local content such as providing articles for the Blog or promoting local events.

We help everyone take advantage of their local community.



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FAQ for Residents & Visitors

Can I add an event to the calendar? If so how do I do it?

Yes, anyone can add an event.  First, you log in so we know that you are not a bot.  Click here to learn how to add your event to one of our calendars.

Can I filter evens on the calendar by town and activity?

Yes, when you open the calendar you click on the filter and choose the categories you would like to see.

How do I get the weekly event and information email sent to me?

Click here to sign up with your email and we will send you the weekly email for the town you choose. 

How do I find my town?

Click on the Home button and the towns currently open will show up. is the Home website that covers Westchester County.