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Westchester History & Statistics

Westchester County, NY


Westchester County is located just north of New York City occupying 450 square miles. There are approximately one million people residing in the 45 cities towns and villages. Westchester’s rich physical environment ranges from thriving urban centers to quiet rural landscapes, bordered by the shores of the Long Island Sound and the Hudson River. Westchester is the first suburban area of its scale in the world to develop, due mostly to the upper-middle class development of entire communities in the late 19th century, and the subsequent rapid population growth. Not only is the close proximity to N.Y.C what makes this county so desirable but the vast choices for families and singles to live.
Westchester County, NY


In 2018 statistics show, Westchester County, NY at a population just below 1 million. The median age is 40.9 with the household income just below 95,000.
The five largest ethnic groups in Westchester are White (Non-Hispanic) (52.9%), Black or African American (13.5%), Other (Hispanic) (12.2%), White (Hispanic) (10.3%), and Asian (6.05%). 34.6% of the people in Westchester speak a non-English language, and 89.7% are U.S. citizens.
The median property value in Westchester County, NY is $560,800, and the homeownership rate is 60.6%. Most people in Westchester commute by train or drive, and the average commute time is 33.9 minutes. The average car ownership in Westchester County, NY is 2 cars per household. Since Covid Westchester has had a huge influx of people purchasing homes. We believe because of this the numbers will change. For more in depth statistics check out Data USA.

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