Sunset Nursery School Montrose is a Christian based program that accommodates children between the ages of two through five years. The mission of Sunset is to provide enriching educational opportunities in a safe, nurturing environment. The philosophy of Sunset is based on the belief that children are unique learners. We place a strong emphasis on supporting each child's God-given talents and individual needs.

All of our teachers have an early childhood degree or certification and we take pride in our small teacher/student ratios. With our individual classrooms and a large main room featuring five play based centers, children learn to work in small and large groups with many different materials. We have a strong curriculum and we recognize and respect the fact that children come to school with different backgrounds and interests. Therefore, each year we will adjust our curriculum to meet the needs and dynamics of the children, making learning fun and interesting. We incorporate community visitors, readers, cooks and crafters, as well as Go No Sen Kinder Kicks Karate in the winter months, at no additional charge to the parents. We are always happy to have special visitors, and have an "open door" policy for parents to join us any time they would like to. A child should always look forward to going to pre-school with confidence, excitement and anticipation for what the day will bring.

Melissa Wassil, Director


80 Sunset Road, Montrose, New York 10548, United States

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