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When Changing Your Homes Changes Your Life


Making the right change to suit your situation can be quite liberating.

As we move through our lives our needs in a home change. There was a time in the New York Metropolitan area when many retirees sold their homes and moved down south. Today we are seeing a definite shift with many of those folks deciding to stay put. The draw of NYC and the
beautiful Hudson Valley at your fingertips is no doubt enticing but the need to be near family and friends is also a big motivator these days. With the amount of living opportunities, the need to stay has become easier. Redefining our needs can be a crucial reality check and that means considering those options.

Rightsizing, vs downsizing, is focused on what your needs are right now and the near future. The term downsizing can have a negative connotation when it really is just about rightsizing and being thoughtful of what your new needs and lifestyle are. Perhaps your home is feeling too big, maybe the kids are gone, you are newly single, or an unexpected good fortune came
your way and would like to shift things. Whatever the reason, making the right change to suit your situation can be quite liberating. Rightsizing might also include a larger home outside a village where taxes and the costs are less. Or maybe family members are moving in with you. The point is that rightsizing is all about doing what is right for you in that time period of your life.

We all go through so many changes throughout our lives and where and how we live becomes one of the most important decisions we can make. Taking the time to evaluate where you want to be in your life for both short and long term and ask yourself what you really want in a home can be significant. I know many folks who move to Westchester County from NYC looking for more space with an easy commute, often relying on Metro North. Then there are those jobs that allow them to telecommute, and they need extra workspace in their home. This all becomes about rightsizing.

The “less is more” concept can mean a rightsized home for your current lifestyle could leave more money in your pocket. Whether it’s a different location that is enticing to you with lower taxes, or a layout that suits your needs making an adjustment regarding your home can be a positive life altering decision.

If you’re ready to find a home that suits your lifestyle, or simply talk a game plan to get to such place, feel free to contact us, where we can assist with getting you to your new life!

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