Thinking of Buying Your Child Their First Sewing Machine?


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I am sew excited about how many parents want to get their kids their first sewing machines this Christmas and Hanukkah or as Birthday gifts.

Sew…. here are my thoughts:

A child’s or teen’s first sewing machine should be a standard-size sewing machine, even if the child is 7, 8 or 9 years old.  When purchasing a first sewing machine, you should avoid machines whose product names include any of the following words:  Mini, Little, Lil’, Kids, Children’s, Toy, Junior, Pixie or Battery-Operated.

No machine with any of those words in their name will last very long, nor can those machines handle the speed, foot pressure or fervor of a child first sewing.  They are too lightweight and so basic, that they easily jam and break and turn more kids off of sewing that on to it.

You can find a great first machine under $100.  There are sales I’ve seen posted on Amazon’s Daily Deals, showing great machines for as low as $74.99!

You want to select a machine that has weight. The heavier the machine, the more sturdy it will be and the less it will shake.  Keep that in mind because many new sewers really seem to sew with a heavy foot.  Also, I personally prefer a front-loading bobbin, as opposed to a drop-in bobbin.   Machines with drop-in bobbins seem to have more plastic components and therefore can be less sturdy, than those with front-loading bobbins.

A few decent machine choices for new sewers are:

● Singer Models: 2932, 1507WC  or  2259

● Janome Models:  2206 or  2212

● Brother LS2125i

● Brother Models:  XL2600I or Computerized Model CS6000I (both have a drop in bobbins, but we like them)

These are a few good ones that won’t break the bank!  Plus even though they are good first machines, they aren’t necessarily beginner machines.  These machines should last, if taken care of properly, for years.  Hey, the kids should take their machines to college with them!

Thanks, Happy Day and Groovy Sewing!


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