The Dangerous Effects of Your Child’s Digital Addiction


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Parenting has taken a significant turn in today’s age of digital and electronic gadgets. Laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and other gadgets play an integral role in today’s modern world. Traditional toys and physical activities have widely been replaced by apps, games, and limitless online videos.

Undeniably, gadgets allow parents to take some rest while letting their kids play on their own. Parenting has never been more convenient, thanks to engaging apps and fun videos posted on YouTube. While these gadgets are tools, children can use for school, most kids get hooked in games and other mobile applications.

Here are 5 potential risks of overexposure to gadgets:

  1. Speech problems

Although some parents would welcome YouTube educational videos for helping them with their toddler’s first learning experience, too much computer or tablet use can be quite detrimental to a child’s speech development. As proven by a research, children tend to pick up words they learn from the internet, which is an ineffectual way of learning as compared to conversational hearing.

  1. Short temper

Aggression is typically brought about by the quick gratification brought by the internet. A new video, a new game is always one click away. Now, when they deal with real life and they don’t get the same quick satisfaction, they tend to become impatient.

  1. Eye problems

Too much exposure to computer or gadget screens may lead of excessive drying of the eye. It would eventually lead to eye problems especially in children.

  1. Obesity

Lack of physical activities might lead to overweight in children, or worse obesity.

  1. Sleeping pattern

Children tend to use gadgets over hours without keeping track of their behavioral patterns. Typically, bed time gets bumped off when children enjoy too much online videos or games.

  1. Online dangers

Apart from the physical and behavioral effects of too much electronic use, the most important risk of all would be the predators lurking around the web. Vicious hackers and sexual predators know how to spot potential victims on their radar particularly innocent children with minimal parental supervision.

With these given dangers of too much gadget use, people still tend to overlook the digital pits. This had been considered as an epidemic mainly because parents choose to ignore the negative effects and instead focus on the convenience it brings.

Instead of letting them get sucked into the world of pixels and touchscreen phones, let them play outside. Let them experience getting all sweaty and dirty, as how it was during the pre-internet period. Take advantage of kiddie playgrounds and parks, and even engage them in sports if possible. This is the only way to alleviate the health and mental risks that excessive gadget exposure could bring.

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