Super Foodtown in Croton Shares Exciting Opening Information!


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A Huge Grocery Sale is Coming … Super Foodtown of Croton….2005 Albany Post Road.
Grand Opening Update:
Dear Residents of Croton and the surrounding areas. Well it’s been a little over a year since we took over the A and P. We have gotten The entire store remodeled and we are now ready to kick off our grand opening sale… beginning on Thursday, February 2, please be on the lookout for a tremendous sale program. You are certainly going to get extremely high-quality perishables end groceries at very low prices. This will include organic and natural food as well. The store came out terrific and our staff did an amazing job through the construction and merchandising of the store. Let me add that this is just the beginning, the store will get better and better and better over time as you let us know going forward, what all the items are that we still need to bring in, if there are any, so that you can have one stop shopping. Please let us know if we missed anything that you want us to bring in. Let us know in the store or right here on Facebook. Most of all, I would like to thank our associates for getting the store ready and all of you, our great customers for all the business you have already given us. We look forward to serving you for years to come. Again, please don’t miss the flyer over the next four weeks, the sale prices will be very low. Sincerely, Noah Katz, C President [email protected]
One more thing, a quick note to all the community organizations, nonprofits, places of worship, and other organizations. We will stand with you shoulder to shoulder going forward. Please come right to the customer service desk with any charitable request or something you think a supermarket can do to help with your fundraisers, and events. we may not be able to give everything, but we will certainly give something. Thank you. Noah.

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