Senior Citizen Shopping Hours


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Senior Citizen Shopping Hour – STARTS FRIDAY, MARCH 20TH – This is for disabled customers as well.

This will be the first hour of business EVERY DAY

To all our customers…..7am to 8 am will be reserved for SENIOR’S AND THE DISABLED ONLY. If you are not a senior citizen (65 OR OVER), please wait until 8 am to come and shop. This will make it easier for the seniors and disabled during this difficult time. If you are a senior, we request that you do not bring family members unless you need them to help you shop.

Thank you to the community for adhering to this. We are all working together to get through these unprecedented times. We are so proud of our associates who have been working so hard these past weeks to serve you. We thank you, our amazing customers, for your patience and business in the stores. Sincerely, Noah Katz, Co President, [email protected]

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