Overview of SuburbanGuides.com Town Websites

Suburban Guides is in Beta and will rapidly become the hyperlocal “go to” site for information about many towns across the USA. What’s the secret? All local information is developed and managed by local people in your area – not web search engines trying to guess what’s important about your town.

Suburban Guides Town Menu

Suburban Guides Town sites offer six main areas of content:

Town Guide
First the Basics: Here is where you can get an overview of the town, as well as a short history along with statistics. We add to this with information and links about both local and county government. Here you will also find information on Commuting, Weather, and even local gas prices.  Looking for general information about your town? The first place to look is under the “Basics” Menu.
Monitor News
Second, our town sites provide a News Overview. We are the curators for local news – helping you find the best available. We generally search multiple sources. If you find a news item of interest, we link you directly to the source. For local news, look under the “News” Menu.
Monitor Calendar

Third, our town sites provide an Events Calendar. Many of our town sites showcase hundreds of events per month in and around the local area. These include areas of interest such as Arts & Entertainment, Deals & Specials, Eat Drink, Education, Fitness & Health, Holidays, Night Life, Town Muni and more. For local Events, look under the “Calendar” Menu.

Dining Guide
Fourth, our town sites provide several Directories. Find out about Attractions, Schools, Churches & Synagogues, Restaurants (by cuisine), Businesses (by business type), Clubs & Organizations, Parks & Recreation, and more. Find all of these under our “Directories” Menu or if you prefer searching geographically try our “Map All” Menu.
Realty Guide
Fifth, our town sites provide an extensive Realty Guide. Interested in living in one of our towns? This section is produced by a local Realtor with strong area knowledge and insight. If you are interested in the local housing market, the best information and tools can be found under the “Realty” Menu.
Blog for SuburbanGuides.com Town Websites
Sixth, our town sites provide a forum for town writers: the local Blog. The Blog is very different town by town and often provides a window into the spirit of the town. Often the blog participants are from local organizations or businesses providing insights into such areas as local Arts & Entertainment, Eat Drink, Education, Family Fun, Finances, Home & Garden, Parenting, Real Estate, Wellness, and more. For individual insights, take a look under the “Blog” Menu.

SuburbanGuides.com town websites are designed for collaborative development using sophisticated Content Management Systems (CMS) technology. User Access Levels can be managed for various types of users: casual reader, content editor, programmer, etc.

SuburbanGuides.com town websites format well and are intuitive to operate on Smart PhonesMobile Phone Friendly, Tablets, and Full computers. They work well with all major browsers including MS Edge, MS Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.

SuburbanGuides.com town websites are enjoyable, amusing, and delightful to use!

To get started, FIND YOUR TOWN.

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