M.O.M. Magazine gets in-depth with The Lighthouse Retreat and Wellness Center


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Q. Tell us what inspired you to open The Lighthouse and explain its mission?

A. The Lighthouse Retreat and Wellness Center was born after I started a journey to transform my own life. I had successfully created the life I thought I wanted, working as an executive in corporate America and traveling the world. I made a place for myself among interesting powerful people and loved it. But after 20 years my love for it started to fade away.

All my life people came to me for help with their problems and life issues. I was often instinctively able to provide a healing influence, those experiences gave me my deepest satisfaction. By becoming a Reiki Master, I was on the path to being a helper and healer. Reiki works with the sacred energy that animates every living thing; learning to sense, harmonize and unblock that energy promotes healing and health. A Reiki treatment has a positive effect on the whole person: the body, emotions, mind and spirit. It provides healing benefits for many conditions, emotional and physical, from lack of confidence to broken bones and cancer.

After becoming a Reiki Master, I earned a master’s degree and license in Clinical Social Work. My clients get the benefit of both, and each discipline increases the healing power of the other. Whether people have health issues, emotional issues, or need support in making positive changes in their lives, I can help them learn the tools to help themselves.

I’ve worked with children and families coping with trauma, poverty or disability. The women’s groups and retreats I’ve led have provided transformational support to hundreds of women. I became certified in EMDR therapy, a discipline that focuses on healing and recovery from PTSD and other trauma.

The Lighthouse Retreat and Wellness Center brings together remarkable healers who have mastered an enormous range of healing modalities.

“My dream was to create a comforting and supportive place where many healing disciplines are available – and affordable – to all. That dream has come true.”

Q. Top tips for people to live a more spiritually centered life?

A. The number one tip to live a more spiritually centered life is to connect with yourself by taking really good care of yourself. When I meet my clients for the first time, most of them have no idea how to take care of themselves or what they want for themselves. My suggestions to all of my clients is to spend some time alone each day (at least 15 minutes), to connect with your inner self to re-discover who you really are. Feelings may surface which may be uncomfortable, however, that is a good thing. Only when we slow down and feel our feelings thoroughly will they be able to pass. Issues will miraculously disappear. This is also a time to have gratitude and to set intentions for your life. Energy follows intention. When you consciously set intentions life will move in more predictable ways. I also suggest that you consider yourself in all situations. Many have the tendency to “people please”, where they are more concerned about others feelings rather than their own. Although there are times when we want to put others first, it becomes dysfunctional when people pleasing becomes epidemic.

Q. What are some of your most popular programs and events?

A. Our Woman’s transformational groups and retreats are our most popular programs. TIME is a group that helps woman identify the negative beliefs that hold them back in life and make peace with them. It is an eight session group culminating with an in house retreat where we create vision boards. The Ultimate Self Care Retreats take women away for a weekend in order to reconnect with themselves. They are taught tools to help them to stay connected when they get home. They are relaxing and transformative. In April I am partnering with Alison Jolicoeur our health coach in the new group called “Awaken Your True Self Through the Chakra’s”. In this group we will be combining the emotional piece along with movement and nutrition as we teach about the energy centers in the body called chakras. There will be cooking demo’s, nutritional coaching, yoga, guided meditations, and more.

Q. How does The Lighthouse blog help you connect with your clients & community?

A. The Lighthouse blog helps us connect with our clients because it is a way for our clients to understand our perspective on healing and transformation. A client can get more comfortable with our philosophy that the whole person needs to be considered and treated. We care about all aspects of the person, not just the emotional aspects. We also treat the entire family and our therapists are able to confer with each other which facilitates the healing process.

Q. What’s next on the horizon for The Lighthouse?

A. The Lighthouse will continue to bring the most skilled and professional therapists with expertise in the latest healing modalities. We will be offering more groups-children’s, men’s, couples, and parenting. We will also be expanding our retreat offerings to couples and men’s retreats.

Catherine AnesiCatherine Anesi, LCSW specializes in helping people transform their lives. She is a licensed clinical social worker and sees clients in her office in Croton. She also leads groups and retreats that aide in transformation. If you would like to contact her please email her at [email protected] or visit her website at www.catherineanesilcsw.com and facebook at Catherine Anesi, LCSW, RM.

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