The Lighthouse Retreat and Wellness Center: How You Feel About Yourself is How You Are Inviting the World to Feel About You


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Many spiritual teachers teach that our reality is actually a mirror which reflects back to us the way we feel about ourselves.  That whatever is happening in your life is a reflection of what is going on for you inside your thoughts.  As humans, we all have beliefs about ourselves, which can be positive or negative and based on these beliefs will be the way we see our reality.  It’s as if we are all wearing a pair of glasses unique to us which displays the movie of our lives created by us.  If we feel we are a victim-then we will see things from the standpoint that everyone is out to get us.  If we feel we are not good enough-then we will believe that opportunities are not available to us because others can certainly see that we are not “good enough”.  We may feel that we are not respected and run into people that we feel treat us disrespectfully.  In a more positive vain, if we believe that we are awesome and talented, then others will see us that way and value our opinions.

It’s so important to get in touch with your true beliefs about yourself-particularly your unconscious beliefs.  If you can understand your negative beliefs, then you have the opportunity to shift them and shift your reality to a more positive experience.  And you may ask, “How can I get in touch with my unconscious beliefs if they are unconscious?”  Good question.  When you continually find yourself running into similar circumstances and you ask yourself “why does this keep happening to me?” you have certainly run into an unconscious negative belief about yourself.  This is when it’s time to sit with yourself and feel into these negative experiences.  See what comes up.  An old painful memory or more may surface.  It’s time to process your feelings with a close trusted friend or a professional so that you can understand the core belief that is holding you back. Once you identify the negative believe you can clear it.  Once cleared, and replaced by a more positive belief, your life will miraculously change.

Pay attention to your thoughts about yourself!  These thoughts will give you a clue as to how the world will respond to you.


Catherine AnesiContributor: Catherine Anesi

Worker and a Reiki Master. She is a cognitive behavioral therapist with a specialty in *EMDR whose focus is in treating anxiety disorders, as well as PTSD, depression, divorce & family support. Cathy’s sessions are unique in that she utilizes Reiki energy combined with traditional psychotherapy where appropriate. This method is an extremely effective way to help clients process sometimes painful emotional issues easily in an environment of support and healing.Cathy’s passion is facilitating grou

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