Fun Time for Family Rituals


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October is here, and we can no longer deny that it’s Fall and that Winter is a reality soon to come. It’s the perfect time for rituals, creating new traditions and making memories. Who doesn’t love apple picking, pumpkin picking and Fall Harvest Festivals!!?

At  home, my daughter and I have started a tradition that came about quite organically. She just started a new school  and with changes come the opportunity for creating new routines and rituals, right? When she comes home from school, she is absolutely famished! In the hopes of satisfying her physical hunger and her emotional hunger of being away from home all day, I began assembling a little array of small bowls of snacks for her to choose from.

We are a tea-drinking family, and she started drinking tea when she was a baby! She’s seen me drink countless cups of tea and it’s become a familiar and comfortable pastime of ours.

When I started this snack time ritual, I would make a cup of tea for myself but then she would take my tea! I figured out that I should just make her some, too! (Decaf, of course). So, it’s become our afternoon ritual to have our After-School Tea Party where we sit and I give her my full attention and drink tea and she takes pleasure in tasting each of the snacks I put out for her.

It’s become a ritual for me, too, that I’ve shared on Facebook and quite a few friends have started doing the same and posting pictures of their #afterschoolteaparty. If you’d like to join in the fun and start your own tea time ritual, please share your pictures with me!



Sharon NDiaye teaches hands-on cooking classes for small chefs 3-8 years old and 9-12 years old, with an emphasis on providing new experiences and introduction to new foods. Sharon teaches “Cooking with Kids” offered at New Era Creative Space (NECS) in Peekskill and “Cooking Around the World” classes at preschools and elementary schools. Contact her to schedule private cooking classes, small group classes, cooking birthday parties, as well as cooking enrichment classes for scout troops. Email:[email protected]

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