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Some of the most fun we’ve ever had was those few short weeks at summer camp each year.

Summer camps give kids in our community a safe place to have fun, learn something new and make some new friends! We’re fortunate to have some incredible summer camp programs in the Croton-on-Hudson area that are specifically designed with our kids in mind.

Whether you’ve got a little artist on your hands or an adventure enthusiast, we have the summer camp for you. Summer isn’t over yet and if you’re looking for a fun way to bring summer to a close, there’s plenty of awesome activities and camps that are starting up in August.

Croton Sailing School

If you’re looking for a camp that’s a bit more nautical, Croton Sailing School’s camp for kids is a whole lot of fun. Kids learn sailing basics, sailboat care and terms and can embark on miniature expeditions on the open water. For your water-loving littles, this is a fun camp option that teaches them the value of teamwork and the skills they need to pursue a love for sailing.

Performing Arts Camp

At the Croton Academy of Arts Performing Arts Camp, kids and teens can explore different avenues of theatrical production both on stage and behind the scenes. Whether your thespian is an aspiring filmmaker, comedian or Hollywood’s next big director this camp has it all. This is a fantastic opportunity for kids to express themselves and boost confidence through creative exploration.

Karate Camps

If you’re looking for a more action packed summer camp experience for your children, karate camp at Croton Karate includes fun, action and self discipline.
This camp includes Ninja warrior training, parkour, tennis, baseball, hiking, swimming and of course dodge-ball!  Another great choice is Go No Sen Karate in Peekskill.  The team at this studio offers so much more than your typical karate moves. They will equip your child to work with others, problem solve more effectively and learn self discipline. This camp will help your energetic kids learn to focus their energy through exercise, understand determination in an encouraging and rewarding environment.

Summer Art Program

The Summer Art Program at the Garrison Art Center is an amazing way for your little Picasso to express themselves through tons of new and exciting mediums. Not only will your children be able to explore different art techniques under guidance from professional artists, they will also experience the fulfillment of displaying their masterpieces in a real gallery.

Cooking Around the World

This “Cooking Around the World” camp series is for chefs ages 4-12, who have shown interest in cooking and who have had experience with chopping, peeling, measuring and helping with other kitchen tasks. During each day of camp,they highlight and explore different cultures and their cuisines.


This half day program at Straddles is a fun way to stay cool and active.  This dynamic atmosphere is fun for both boys and girls.   Learning in a safe environment while promoting strength, balance, flexibility and coordination.

Chicory Meadow Farm Summer Camp

If your children are animal enthusiasts, camp at Chicory Meadow is an absolutely amazing experience. Here kids will learn how to care for horses and establish the training they need to learn riding and boarding skills. This is a great foundation course for aspiring horseback riders to learn the basics of horse anatomy, care and riding techniques in a safe and encouraging environment of professional riders.

All the ingredients for a fun summer camp can be found right in our own backyard.

Whether your kids are doing flips at Karate Camp or writing their own screenplay at Performing arts camp, they’re bound to have an incredible time discovering their talents and exploring tons of new experiences. 

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