Cold Weather Running Tips


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Did you resolve to keep running outdoors this winter? Do you find yourself struggling to make it out the door with the cold, wind, and dark conditions? Check out our tips below to run strong all winter long!

  • Choose your layers wisely

A good starting point is a pair of running tights or pants and a long sleeve base layer. Choose fabrics that offer both insulation and moisture-wicking, such as wool or a nylon/polyester blend.

Add a jacket for extra protection on cold and windy days. Look for tights and jackets that offer both wind and water protection, as well as reflectivity for early morning and evening runs. Hats and gloves will also keep your extremities comfortable, and can easily be tucked in a pocket if you warm up over the course of a run.

  • Pay attention to the wind

On a particularly cold and windy day aim to run the first portion of your run into the wind, then finish with the wind at your back. This will help you avoid heating up only to turn around and face a cold headwind when you are already sweaty and fatigued. Or if you have a helpful friend or family member arrange for them to pick you up at a designated point, and map a point to point run with the wind at your back for the entire run!

  • Accessories make a big difference

For those running in the dark a good headlamp will not only help you see potentially hazards in your path, but will also help you be seen by passing vehicles and other pedestrians! Also yaktrax are a great add-on for running shoes or boots to help you run or walk on slick snow covered surfaces.

  • Warm up before you go outside

Take a few minutes before your run to complete a dynamic warm up routine. Beginning a run with increased blood flow to your muscles and tendons will lessen the risk of injury. Include leg swings (front to back and side to side), jumping jacks, arm circles, and other dynamic full body movements.

  • Stay hydrated

Cold weather can make it less appealing to drink water or other cold beverages, but be sure you are adequately hydrating before and after you run.


Runner in coldBen Drew is the owner of Run On Hudson Valley, a running and walking store offering a wide selection of running and walking shoes, clothing, and gear. Run On specializes in custom shoe and bra fittings and carries numerous brands including Brooks, Saucony, Asics, New Balance, Nike, and Hoka One One. Run On also offers weekly group runs, in-store clinics, and beginner and intermediate training programs.

Run On Hudson Valley is located at 383 South Riverside Ave in Croton. We are open 7 days a week (10-8 M to F, 10-6 Sat, 12-5 Sun). Go to, email [email protected], or call us at 914-271-2134 for more information.

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